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TEB Computer Kids Academy


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In this day and age, with Technology
on the fontfront of every Gadget being
used in every industry, Cooperations,
Establishments, Schools,etc.
in the World today,
having a Computer knowledge
is more than a Skillful Tool to have,
-"It is Necessity"

Preview how our Training is Organised

Our Teaching is based on the following platforms:

Children study
in a modern well-equiped Computer Classes

Every kid has a personal workplace.

Teaching and classes are fully pratical

Children work with computers,
learn Basic computer Skills

Basic computer System Configurations

learn System Administration

Basic computer System Security

Coding, Blog , Programming,

website designing & programming,

Computer Informatik(Informatiker),

Software Developeer/Software engineering

SAP-ABAP - SAP Software developing,

System programming with JAVA,

APP & Barcodes programming,

3D Drawing /printing

Working with Digital Images & Videos

Students learn both
Vitual & Real world Programming in :

(1)ROBOT Programming

(2)Drone Programm

Students get additional:

Video Tutorial material for support

Students support
in their private innovation Programs

Students learn more during:

(a montly live Tutorial Event)


Learning & Programming Micro: bit

The world runs on CODE
Students learn how to code
with these coding languages:




Small Basic


with these languages,
students will be able to code:
Robots and Drones
both vitual as well as in Real world

Students will be able to create their own
games, Annimations, calenders, designs

Courses and Programms

Teaching Kids MICRO:BIT

Kids and Computer Network

Kids- Program , Projects and Events

some interesting coding example

change the Bg color