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Basic Computer Skills.
Kids & Coding
Kids and programming
Office Managment
website Programming
ROBOT Programming

computer Security
IT Administrator.
Software Developer
Kids and Blog

Kids & (AI)
Artificial Intelligence

kids Hour of Code
TODDLERS And Computers

Kids & Drone programming
Kids and Computer Network
Scratch Competition
Scratch PictoBlox

Computer Holiday Camp
Working with Images & Video
Computer Kids forum
Kids & control panel.

What is computer science for kids?
computer science (widely abbreviated to CS),
is a study of a number of different fields including
programming languages, problem-solving,
robotics, mathematics, algorithms, and even statistics.

It is exactly this computer science fact that makes
science an interdisciplinary one.

It is a study that will teach us a new way of thinking,
which will strengthen our kids abilities of problem-solving,
critical thinking, and even creativity,
while they create something cool and technological
from a simple idea they just had.

Computer science is the ultimate field for our children
to comprehend that anything is possible.
these study will help those kids to think differently,
so they can make this world a better place
with the outstanding things they will create.

basics of computer science

Most of us use a computer on a daily basis,
but how many of us really know what a computer is,?
or what is inside a computer,
or what binary code is and how is it written.

Why Learning Computer Science Skill
is important when Kids are Young

- Kids live in a Computer-driven world.
- Computer Science Skills will help them
in classroom and beyond.
- Encourage Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking.
- Inspires Kids to Think Logically and Analytically.
- Allows Kids to be Creative.
- Helps Kids to Stay Focus.
- Builds Confidence.

some of the basic elements
of computer science for kids (and adults)

What is a computer and what is inside a computer?
- What is a binary code and how is it applied?
- What is Software ?
- what is hardware?
- The importance and concept of data.
- what is computer programming?
(which program language is good for a Beginner?)
- What is Coding
(which Coding language is good for a Beginner?)
-What is Software Developing?
(which Software Developing program
language is good for a Beginner?)
-What is IT- Forensic/cyber Forensic/IT-Security?
- What is an algorithm?

..and more...
These and more are treated in details in our
Course and Programms/ Curriculum below

preview on how our Courses are Organised
Our courses are grouped as (1) Application courses
which is covered in details in
Our Basic Computer Skills lessons
also, Kids and CODING
(2) Professional Courses- which include_
Programming, software Developing
Computer Innformatik- INFORMATIKER & alot more..
(3) More also - kids innovative and engaging programms .
Kids project workshop, Kids idea and Innovation
Computre Kids Forum, Kids Holiday Computer camp,
Kids and Tutorial,
Kids Scratch League Competition
KIDS HOUR OF CODE...and more


Students Aquire the four Cs of 21st Century Learning :
- Communication
- Critical thinking
- Collabration
- and Creativity
- Inaddition, the fifth C could be Computational thinking

Our Curriculum Is Grouped As Follows:

Learning Advantage:

Children study
in a modern well-equiped Computer Classes
Every kid has a personal workplace.
Also a personal Computer

Teaching and classes are fully pratical
Children work with computers,
learn Basic computer Skills
Basic computer System Configurations
learn System Administration
Basic computer System Security
Coding, Blog , Programming,

website designing & programming,
Computer Informatik(Informatiker),
Software Developeer/Software engineering
SAP-ABAP - SAP Software developing,
System programming with JAVA,
APP & Barcodes programming,
3D Drawing /printing
Working with Digital Images & Videos

Students learn both
Vitual & Real world Programming in :

(1)ROBOT Programming
(2)Drone Programm
Students get additional:
Video Tutorial material for support
Students support
in their private innovation Programs

Students learn more during:
1. Scratch League Competition
(a montly live Tutorial Event)
Learning & Programming Micro: bit

The world runs on CODE
Students learn how to code
with these coding languages:

Scratch, Python, Tynker, Small Basic, LOGO
with these languages,
students will be able to code:

Robots and Drones
both vitual as well as in Real world
Students will be able to create their own
games, Annimations, calenders, designs.

Courses and Programms

Teaching Kids MICRO:BIT

TODDLERS And Computers -3 - 5 Grades

Kids- Program , Projects and Events

Kids and Computer Network

some interesting coding example

change the Bg color

Kids & Blog, Computer Basic Skills,   Computer Informatiker  

Kids & programming,  Python programing,    ROBOT programming   

Computer Basics 'n' Kids ,Team and Project-Workshop

Computer courses are graded as follows:

(1). Application Courses

(2). Professional Courses.

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