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        Whether small or large companies - commercial expertise and professional bodies,
        handling of IT-relevant work equipment is in great demand.
        Using the PC requires a well-trained basic knowledge,
        which will help you to coordinate work processes, plan / structure
        large amounts of work and implement them with little expenditure of time and money.

        Included in the training are ...

        Microsoft Word (word processor)

        Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet and data evaluation)

        Microsoft Outlook (communication and appointment coordination)

        Microsoft PowerPoint (presentations)

        (optionally including Microsoft Access database management)

        MS Office additional qualification

        Have you already trained and have extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office?
        Then get certified - as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).
        Our in-house examination center gives you the opportunity
        to acquire an internationally recognized specialist certificate
        for Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and / or Access!
        This certification proves your specialist
        knowledge for the individual products.

        Picture result for what is word...
        Word (often called Microsoft Word or MS Word)
        is a word processing program from Microsoft. ... Today,
        Word is part of the Office suite Microsoft Office.
        As a stand-alone application, Microsoft only offers it for Windows.
        Word is by far the most widely used word processing program in the world.
        Word is a virtualized typewriter

        Word is a virtualized typewriter
        Excel is a virtualized cash book
        Powerpoint is a virtualized slide or overhaed projector (polylux)
        Access is a virtualized basement with files