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    SAP Course -'SE' and 'SD'

SAP Course -'SE' and 'SD'

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      You Need This SAP Course... Whether you are already experienced with SAP software or are a beginner,
      this SAP training course can teach you everything you need to achieve in your career aspirations.

      The Strength of this SAP Course:
      Anyone wanting to start a new career
      Graduates wanting to boost their employment opportunities
      Employees wanting to boost the chance of getting a promotion
      Employees wanting to earn the respect of their manager and co-workers
      Anyone already using SAP and want to learn more
      Managers who need to train staff
      Managers wanting to get an overview of the system
      Evaluate whether SAP is right for your organization

      What's Included in the SAP Training Course...

      This course has been developed by Business Consultants with over 20 years industry experience and adapted
      from real corporate training documentation.
      There are over 100s of pages of step-by-step lessons illustrated with screen-shots to help you use SAP like a professional.

      You will learn:

      System Configuration
      Setup a New Company
      Sales Quotes, Orders, Contracts, Invoices
      Inventory & Materials Processing
      Procurement & Accounts Payable
      Accounts Receivable & Banking
      Internal Orders

      In addition,

      Capital Asset Management
      General Ledger
      Record Financial Transactions
      Foreign Exchange
      Project System
      Materials Management
      Sales & Distribution
      Personnel Administration
      Timesheet Management
      Travel Management
      Financial Report Writer
      User Account Management

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